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I found another favorite book

I found another favorite book 
(of which I’ve quite a plenty)
You say it’s written for the kids
Well, I’m just three (times twenty)…

What could have inspired me to write this little poem? It’s none other than the book I Heard a Bluebird Sing: Children Select Their Favorite Poems by Aileen Fisher. This collection of poems is adorable. Aileen Fisher certainly has the gift of seeing the world through the eyes of the child and sharing new discoveries. It is a must read on any kid’s list, no matter how old they are (or aren’t).

Copyright © 2010 by Janice D. Green


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My experiment

I don’t get it about boys. Especially Russell and Tom and Otto. Miss VanDuyne always has to call them down and make them stop talking in class. How can they just blurt out stuff like that all the time? I would be too scared to say anything without raising my hand first. Sure, I get checks on my report card for “Whispers too much,” but to talk out loud like that is strange.

That’s what I was thinking when I thought of my experiment. I was going to try to say something out loud when I wasn’t supposed to be talking. But I couldn’t think of anything to say. Then I remembered a joke my daddy told me. Yes! I would do it. I would tell my joke.

I waited for a good time to take the chance. When Miss VanDuyne had to step out of the room for a few minutes I knew it was time, but the boys were already talking. But it was now or never, so I mustered up all my courage and looked at everybody.

“Did you know you have seven holes in your head?” I began. Then I explained, “You have two eyes, two ears, two holes in your nose, and one for your mouth!”

Whew! I did it! My heart was beating fast.

Soon Miss VanDuyne came back to the classroom. “Janice was talking,” one of the students said.

“No I wasn’t,” I quickly replied. Miss VanDuyne didn’t say anything so I didn’t get into trouble. But I decided it wasn’t a good idea after all. It was too hard.


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A new year in school

There is always something about a new year in school. It’s like getting a fresh start – a new teacher and a chance to make new friends. When we moved I was the new girl in my class. My first new friend was Shirley because our desks were side by side and touching each other. I pulled one of my hairs from out of my head and tickled her hand with it. Shirley would just grin. She was a good friend. A boy wearing blue sneakers liked to chase me around the playground. Sometimes he would sneak up and surprise me. That was fun too.

I learned one lesson early, but not soon enough. My classmates were playing a game where the girls would capture all the boys and put them in “jail” (until a boy tagged the boys in jail and set them free again). When all the boys were in jail it was time for them to capture all the girls. It was a fun game. I wanted to be the best so I thought of a plan. When a boy caught me I would struggle to get away before he put me in jail. Others started doing the same thing. The problem with my plan was that sometimes our clothing got ripped. The teacher told us there was a new rule. We couldn’t try to break away any more. I was sorry I started that idea of breaking away. I was sorry we tore our clothes.

I had a best friend for a while and we played together every recess. But one day for a reason I never knew, she stopped playing with me. After that I was lonely in school. I played with the “left-over” kids because I felt left out. One day I thought of a good thing that was a bad thing at the same time. The good thing was that I was going to think really hard about who would be a good friend for me. I thought of all the girls in my class and decided to try to be friends with two really nice girls who didn’t seem to already have best friends. That was a good idea because we really did become best friends and did a lot of things together for a long time. I am glad I decided to choose good friends for myself.

But the not so good thing about it was that I stopped being friends with the “left-over” kids. That wasn’t right. I should have remembered how lonely I felt before I found my new best friends. I wish I was nicer to my old friends. I have felt sad about that for a long time.

School starts in a few days. I wonder what new friends I will have this year.

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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When I was a snotty-nose kid

I used to be a snotty-nose kid, but that was before we moved. Now I just pick my nose when nobody is looking.

My nose used to run so bad that one day my mom gave me a whole box of Kleenexes to take to school and keep in my desk. When I used them all up, I kept the empty box to put used tissues in until I could throw them away. Besides, I might have to use them again once they dried out a little bit. My teacher must have given me more tissues to use when I ran out, I don’t remember now. Maybe she gave me Kleenexes when she caught me licking the buggers off my lip. One day a boy in my class grabbed the box out of my desk and when I tried to get it back it ripped in half and I had to throw it away. I was so mad. I guess he thought it was a big joke.

After we moved to another town, I was thinking about how I used to eat the buggers. But a funny thing about it was that I wasn’t sure I was remembering it right. I remembered eating something, but wondered if it was buggers or earwax. I tried to remember what it tasted like. Since I didn’t have a runny nose that day, and hadn’t had one for a while, I decided to taste my earwax. Nope! That couldn’t have been it, must have been the buggers!

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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Yellow Popcorn

Goldfinches on hanging feedersI was watching some bluebirds around the new bluebird nest we put up when I thought I saw our dandelions jumping up and down like popcorn in a hot pan. So I watched them for a few minutes and guess what it was. Some American Goldfinch birds were in the grass getting the seeds from the dandelions. They were so pretty and so fun to watch as they would jump from one spot in the grass to another.

I think Goldfinches are my favorite bird. They have bright yellow feathers with black wings and a black patch on their heads. The females aren’t quite as bright and don’t have the black cap. I wanted to get a picture of them in the dandelions, but I think I scared them away. So I went around the house with my camera to see if they were on the bird feeders. There were bunches of them there too. Here are a couple of pictures I took.

Goldfinches on dish feeder

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Fairy snow?

When I went out the door this morning there were tiny white flowers scattered everywhere. Could this be fairy snow?  Did fairies scatter them all around?

Fairy Snow?

Then I looked up and around. We have two trees covered with white flowers. They are ornamental pear trees. Here are some flowers up close on the tree.

Flowering ornamental pear tree

Guess that messes up my fairy theory! (Unless they are inside those tree branches hiding–just waiting for it to turn to night time so they can scatter more all over the ground while nobody is looking!)


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