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Answered Prayer

God really does answer prayer! I didn’t always know it though. I just heard about it in Sunday school. I like to go to church and to Sunday school. It is fun to color and listen to the Bible stories. And I like Pastor Hill. I like to stand with him when he shakes everyone’s hand after the service. He rests his hand on my shoulder like I’m supposed to be there – as if I were his daughter.  He really is nice.

But back to what I started to tell you. On Sunday morning when my family was getting ready to go to church I couldn’t find my shoes. I looked in every room in the house and under my bed. Then I remembered taking them off when I was hoeing the weeds in the field behind the barn, so I ran outside to the field to look. Everyone else in my family was almost ready to leave, and I didn’t want to have to stay home.

I ran up and down one row after another until I thought I had looked everywhere.  I was about to cry when I remembered what I had been taught in Sunday school.  I wondered if God would really hear me.  I wondered if he would really help me find my shoes.  So I stopped running and prayed.  I prayed something like “God, if you really answer people’s prayers, please help me find my shoes.  I want to go to church this morning. Amen.”

Then I started to look again with new hope, but not for long.  All I had to do was to turn around, because there they were on the ground in plain sight between a couple of green bean plants like they were just waiting for me to find them. What joy!  Thank you Jesus!  You really do answer prayers!

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