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Yellow Popcorn

Goldfinches on hanging feedersI was watching some bluebirds around the new bluebird nest we put up when I thought I saw our dandelions jumping up and down like popcorn in a hot pan. So I watched them for a few minutes and guess what it was. Some American Goldfinch birds were in the grass getting the seeds from the dandelions. They were so pretty and so fun to watch as they would jump from one spot in the grass to another.

I think Goldfinches are my favorite bird. They have bright yellow feathers with black wings and a black patch on their heads. The females aren’t quite as bright and don’t have the black cap. I wanted to get a picture of them in the dandelions, but I think I scared them away. So I went around the house with my camera to see if they were on the bird feeders. There were bunches of them there too. Here are a couple of pictures I took.

Goldfinches on dish feeder

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Fairy snow?

When I went out the door this morning there were tiny white flowers scattered everywhere. Could this be fairy snow?  Did fairies scatter them all around?

Fairy Snow?

Then I looked up and around. We have two trees covered with white flowers. They are ornamental pear trees. Here are some flowers up close on the tree.

Flowering ornamental pear tree

Guess that messes up my fairy theory! (Unless they are inside those tree branches hiding–just waiting for it to turn to night time so they can scatter more all over the ground while nobody is looking!)


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Dandelions: Day 3 Kids and Dandelions

Here is Kyra wearing my daisy chain. I think it looks better on Kyra than it did on Missy.

Kyra wearing daisy chain


Kyra and her brother and older sister wanted to learn how to make dandelion chains. We found some dandelions growing in their yard.

Joseph starts a daisy chain      Brittany helps Kyra     Kyra did it!

Joseph went right to work. Brittany had to help Kyra at first. Then Kyra was able to do it by herself.

Kyra’s trick

Kyra had a trick of her own. She made a wish and blew the dandelion seeds everywhere!

Making Curly-Qs       Making Curly-Qs

We made some curly-Qs out of the stems.

Kyra holding Curly-Q

What fun! Karla is looking at a curly-Q that she pulled out of the water. (Sorry, it is on the other side of her hand and you can’t see it.) Don’t you like her pretty dandelion chain bracelet?

I hope some of our visitors to my blog site will try to make some dandelion chains and curly-Qs. If you do, tell me about it, and send me some pictures.

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Dandelions: Day 3 How to make a dandelion chain

At last! Today the dandelions were open when I didn’t have to be in school. Here are some dandelions I could pick, but I waited for the bee to fly away first. (Bees are my friends. They help vegetables grow.)

Dandelions and Honeybee

Here is how to make a dandelion chain:

  Dandelion      Split the stem      Thread the stems

Pick a flower. Use your thumbnail to cut a slit in the stem. Thread another dandelion stem through the slit you made.

Daisy Chain
OK, now where can I find someone to wear my daisy chain so I can take a real picture?  Maybe Missy will like it…
Missy Wearing Dandelions 
Smile Missy!
Somehow I don’t think Missy liked them all that much. I’m going to find some other kids to play with.


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Dandelions by Pauline Ducker copyright 1999

I’ve been looking at all the dandelions in the yard. They are fun to play with, but don’t put your fingers in your mouth when you do. Dandelion milk tastes terrible! Tomorrow I’m going to pick a handful and make a necklace and some curly-Qs. When I do I will take some pictures and put them here.

Did you know you could put a dandelion under someone’s chin to see if they like butter? If their chin glows yellow that means they like butter – at least that’s what I heard.

Here is a poem I wrote about dandelions once. My mother painted the picture.

Poem copyright © 2005 by Janice Green

A dandelion beneath the chin
Will tell if you like butter.
Several flowers can make a chain;
Blow the seeds and watch them flutter.

Watercolor copyright © 1999 by Pauline Ducker

Copyright © 2008 by Janice Green

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A cool place to sit

I like living on a farm.  I like fields and I like fences with birds sitting on them.  I like blowing the seeds from a milkweed pod and watching them fly through the air, and I like to feel the little white fish that is left in my hands after the seeds are blown away.  It isn’t really a fish, but it looks and feels like one.

My older brother and his friend have a clubhouse in the wheat field. They found a patch of tall weeds and mashed down the weeds in the middle of the patch.  They didn’t mash down the ones on the outside edges of the patch because they were the walls of the hideout. When I asked to play in it they said no girls or little kids allowed. So I found another patch of weeds to make a hideout.  My younger brothers and sisters helped. It was fun for a while, but I really have a better place that is my own secret place.

My favorite place is up in a large apple tree in the orchard. We have a cherry tree that is good for climbing, but it is in the middle of the font yard. It’s everybody’s tree. I like climbing up my apple tree better. Then I scoot out on one of the limbs. From my tree I can peek out between the branches and see across the field. I like to sit there and just think about anything I want. 

I can hear if Mama calls, and I can climb down to see what she wants. But nobody bothers me in my secret place. I like to listen to the birds and other sounds around. Once I found a worm that looked like a stick.  At first I thought it was a brown stick growing on a branch. But something didn’t look quite right.  So I touched it, and sure enough it was soft.  I pulled it loose and watched to see what it would do. 

It crawled like a little green inchworm. First the front part stretched out and then crawled as far as it could. Then the front part clinged to the tree while the back part lifted and crawled up to meet the front. The long skinny middle part stuck up like a loop in the air until the front part stretched away again. I liked to watch it crawl around.

Sometimes I just study the leaves. I take one and pick out all the green part leaving only the thick veins. I can always find something to look at or think about when I’m in my favorite tree.

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