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When I was a snotty-nose kid

I used to be a snotty-nose kid, but that was before we moved. Now I just pick my nose when nobody is looking.

My nose used to run so bad that one day my mom gave me a whole box of Kleenexes to take to school and keep in my desk. When I used them all up, I kept the empty box to put used tissues in until I could throw them away. Besides, I might have to use them again once they dried out a little bit. My teacher must have given me more tissues to use when I ran out, I don’t remember now. Maybe she gave me Kleenexes when she caught me licking the buggers off my lip. One day a boy in my class grabbed the box out of my desk and when I tried to get it back it ripped in half and I had to throw it away. I was so mad. I guess he thought it was a big joke.

After we moved to another town, I was thinking about how I used to eat the buggers. But a funny thing about it was that I wasn’t sure I was remembering it right. I remembered eating something, but wondered if it was buggers or earwax. I tried to remember what it tasted like. Since I didn’t have a runny nose that day, and hadn’t had one for a while, I decided to taste my earwax. Nope! That couldn’t have been it, must have been the buggers!

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