I found another favorite book

I found another favorite book 
(of which I’ve quite a plenty)
You say it’s written for the kids
Well, I’m just three (times twenty)…

What could have inspired me to write this little poem? It’s none other than the book I Heard a Bluebird Sing: Children Select Their Favorite Poems by Aileen Fisher. This collection of poems is adorable. Aileen Fisher certainly has the gift of seeing the world through the eyes of the child and sharing new discoveries. It is a must read on any kid’s list, no matter how old they are (or aren’t).

Copyright © 2010 by Janice D. Green


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4 responses to “I found another favorite book

  1. Catherine Johnson

    Cute poem Janice! I can’t believe how many blogs you have and there’s me cutting back on my one 🙂 Glad to have found you on here!
    Catherine (kangaroobee)

    • Thanks Catherine. I don’t write on any of these blogs as often as I should. I simply took someone’s advice a long time ago to have a theme for my blog and since I have different things I like to write about, I ended up with several blogs. Not sure of the wisdom of it all when I can’t keep it up.

  2. Catherine Johnson

    Impressive none-the-less. Enjoy them 🙂

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